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roadside sprayers
We offer a wide variety of equipment options for roadside spraying and right-of-way vegetation control. Spraying solutions range from small, pick-up mounted skid units to complete trucks. The process begins with a discussion of the questions below. From there we can provide a quote for the best solution for your needs and budget.


What vehicle will you be using?
This will determine tank capacity, boom mounting and overall system design.


Will you be spraying over the guide rail or just up to the guide rail?
Nozzles can be turned on and off and the angle can be adjusted from the cab console.


What is your target application rate?
You will need to know this along with your intended ground speed.


How many nozzles do you need?
Knowing the exact areas you need to cover will help us provide you with the right boom and nozzles for your application.


Do you prefer the boom mounted on the front bumper, off the side of the bed or in the back on a Reese hitch receiver?
We can do any one of these options, or a combination.


Do you need speed-sensitive rate control?
Often in roadside spraying your ground speed can vary. Your system can be equipped to match your nozzle output with your ground speed to ensure a consistent rate.


Do you need GPS tracking and data logging?
A GPS signal can provide the ground speed input and a special console can record your application and provide a map overlay.


Do you need chemical injection modules or will you tank mix your control products?
Water only can be kept in the main tank and one or two concentrated chemicals can be injected prior to the boom.


Below are examples of recent roadside sprayers we have built. We look forward to discussing the best possible solution to fit your needs and budget. roadside spray truckright of way sprayers
300 Gallon Roadside sprayer

300-Gallon Roadside Sprayer, Side Mount Boom & Rate Control


The 300-Gallon capacity and compact design provides the perfect unit for applicators looking to outfit a roadside sprayer into an existing pickup t...

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