Hypro D303 and D403 O-Ring Kit

SKU 9910-Kit2389

9910-Kit2389 is the replacement o-ring kit for the Hypro D303 and D403 diaphragm pumps. This kit is typically used when rebuilding the pump at the end of the season. Included in the kit are the main 30 o-rings found on the D303/403 pumps. Other kits available for the D303/403 pumps are the diaphragm kit (9910-Kit2423) and valve kit (9910-Kit2388).

Kit2389 has been superseded by AR2389. 

9910-Kit2389 Includes:

Qty     Part #                Description
1        9910-390290     O-ring
2        9910-550350     O-ring
1        9910-390201     O-ring
1        9910-1880130   O-ring
1        9910-390180     O-ring
1        9910-650920     O-ring
9        9910-1140450   O-ring
6        9910-1260420   O-ring
2        9910-740290     O-ring
6        9910-780050     O-ring

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