Hypro GS40GI Control Unit

SKU 9910-GS40GI

This control unit, for mounting on Hypro pump models 9910-D30 and 9910-D50, is capable of handling flow rates up to 21 gpm and pressures up to 580 psi. The kit includes the pressure gauge along with two 1/2" outlet ports with shutoff valves.

The GS40GI has been replaced by the AR GIC40 control unit. 


  • Control unit for Hypro D30 & D50
  • Includes pressure gauge, one adjustable pressure relief valve, one complete bypass lever, two 1/2" HB outlets with individual shut-offs,and one 3/4" bypass
  • Max flow of 21 GPM
  • Max pressure of 580 PSI
  • Remote mounting kit available (9910-Kit1741)
  • Weight of 3.5 Lbs


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