Commercial Lawn & Turf Care

Selecting the ideal sprayer for lawn care will depend on the type of areas you are spraying and the vehicle you will be using. Our goal is to always provide the best possible solution for your needs and budget. The guide below will help determine the sprayer you may need. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Spreader Mate™

For liquid applications on small turf areas our Spreader-Mate™ is an economical choice. The 9-gallon tank/pumping unit simply drops into your commercial broadcast spreader converting it to a fully functional sprayer. A quick attach boom and hand spray wand are included. The rechargeable battery provides up to 4 acres of spraying on a single charge. You can learn more on the Spreader-Mate™ here


Skid Sprayers

For hand spraying turf, our V-Series skid sprayers work well in pick-up trucks. Available in sizes from 50-300 gallons, the balanced space saving design leaves plenty of room available for other equipment or supplies. Modular add-on tanks are an easy and inexpensive way to provide increased capacity and/or separate solutions. Learn more on Skid Sprayers here.


Modular Spray Systems

Gregson-Clark modular spray systems feature a compact frame for the pump/engine and hose reel that is separate from the tank or tanks. For vans, flatbeds and enclosed body vehicles, modular spray systems provide the ideal solution. Modular systems are not recommended for pick-up trucks. While building your system, CAD dimensional drawings can be provided to ensure proper placement on the vehicle. Many options and accessories are available to customize the sprayer. Lean more on Gregson-Clark modular systems here.


Custom Spray Trucks

Custom spray trucks are ideal for individuals looking to build a spray system around their business needs. Utilizing the modular concept, building complex custom spray systems are easily achievable. We specialize in designing and building custom spray trucks of all sizes and styles. Learn more about building a custom spray truck here.


Turfware Spreaders and Sprayers

Ride On Spreader & Sprayers

Gregson-Clark offers the TurfWare line of ride on spreader and sprayers. Ride on units are ideal for individuals who run both granular and liquid programs. The spreader broadcast the fertilizer while the spray boom allows for a simultaneous application of liquid herbicide or fungicide. TurfWare spreaders and sprayers offer many unique features. To learn more about the TurfWare brand click here.  

3-Point Sprayer

Gregson-Clark 3-point sprayers are designed for commercial use and are ideal for large areas where standard hand spraying is not feasible. The robust category 1 frame can accommodate a wide variety of components and accessories. Learn more on Gregson-Clark 3-Point Hitch Sprayers here.


UTV Sprayers

UTV sprayers are the perfect choice for those looking to apply herbicide to hard-to-reach areas where other spraying equipment is not practical. Common uses for UTV sprayers include large turf spraying, vegetation control around buildings, and in fence rows and food plots. UTV sprayers can be customized with many accessories such as hose reels and foam markers. Lean more on UTV Sprayers here.