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Tree Sprayers

Tree sprayers typically utilize larger pumps and engines to achieve higher flow rates and pressures. Selecting the right unit will depend on the vehicle being used, the work you intend to do and the desired spray height.

For professionals using pick-up trucks, V-Series skid sprayers are most common. The balanced space saving design is achieved by positioning the pump/engine on the driver’s side and the hose reel on the curb side. Modular add-on tanks can also be utilized for added capacity or to run multiple products.

For flatbeds or enclosed body vehicles modular systems are an excellent choice. With our modular systems the pump/engine and hose reel are mounted on a compact frame and are typically positioned on the curb side. The tank or tanks are on their own frame and can be positioned for ideal weight distribution and ease of filling. Numerous configurations are possible. Modular systems can also be utilized on a fork pocket base frame for ease of mounting and removal.

Maximum spray height is determined by the pump pressure and volume capabilities, the hose diameter and length, and spray gun. These components need to be properly matched for maximum performance.