Pest Control

For compact trucks and vans our 12-volt PCO sprayers are an ideal fit. These low profile sprayers are designed to fit under a tonneau cover but can also have a riser added to accommodate working out of a side door on a cap. The 12-volt sprayers work well with perimeter pest control and other intermittent spraying applications. 12-volt pumps are not designed for continuous duty. Gas engine driven pump systems should be considered for continuous spraying.

In addition to our 12-volt PCO line, our V-Series skid sprayers and modular systems can be equipped for pest control applications. Selecting the correct sprayer for your needs will depend on the type of applications being provided along with the vehicle being used.

Full sized pickup trucks can use any of the V-series or Space-Saver skid sprayers. These units work well for tick and mosquito applications. The pump and engine is positioned driver's side while the hose reel is positioned curb side ease of use when pulling up to a property.

Modular sprayers are designed to fit into vans, enclosed body vehicles and flatbed trucks. Modular systems feature a compact frame for the pump/engine and hose reel that is separate from the tank or tanks. This allows the pump/engine and reel to be positioned for easy access, typically in a curbside door. The tank or tanks can then be located for ideal weight distribution and ease of filling. Dimensional CAD drawings are available to show exactly how the system would fit on your vehicle. Many options and accessories are available.