300 Gallon Roadside With Dual Chemical Injection

SKU RS-300-2-INJ

Note: Please call for current pricing

This 300 gallon roadside sprayer is built on a robust fork-pocket frame that can be easily added to a flatbed vehicle. The unit features a 300 gallon main tank with two 30 gallon chemical tanks.  Using the Raven 4400 control system the chemical is injected into the clean water line as it makes it way out the front mounted roadside boom. 

The main pumping unit is powered by an electric start Honda GX270 with Ace GE860 centrifugal pump. The GE860 provides up to 140 GPM and 140 PSI. The 300 gallon tank has jet agitation while the 30 gallon chemical tanks provide mechanical agitation. 

The front mount boom features two nozzles that are adjustable from inside the cab. The boom pivots allowing the applicator to spray on the left and right side. Nozzle selection is based on individuals need and will be sized accordingly prior to ordering. Nozzle reach can be up to 30'. 

In addition to boom spraying this unit also has a hose reel equipped with 100' if hose for hard to reach areas. 

In addition to chemical injection the Raven 4400 also offer automatic rate control for precise application rates based on vehicle speed. The console also offers data monitoring which allows the applicator to record total volume sprayed and used. 

For more information regarding this unit please contact Gregson-Clark.  

Download the full specification sheet here 

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