AR252-SP/SGC Diaphragm Pump


The AR252-SP/SGC is a medium pressure, two diaphragm pump commonly used for lawn care, pest control and turf spraying applications. This pump assembly is the pump only with a 3/4" keyed shaft output. Recommended control unit is the AR1990 formerly the Hypro 9910-Kit1990.

The Hypro D252 has been superseded by the AR252-SP/SGC

If you are looking to replace a AR252 off a gas engine you will needed the AR252 GRGI pump assembly as the standard AR252 cannot be attached to an existing gear box.

Common replacement parts for the AR252 are:

Diaphragm Kits:
AR43281 - Blueflex
AR43278 - NBR
AR43279 - Desmopan

Valve Kits:
AR2408 - Valves

O-Ring Kits:
AR2409 - O-Rings

AR64516 - Oil

AR252 Specifications:

Max GPM: 6.5 GPM

Max PSI: 362 PSI

Max RPM: 650 RPM

Max Fluid Temp: 140 F

Diaphragm Material: Desmopan

Inlet Barb: 3/4"

Outlet: 1/2"

Weight: 12 Lbs

Oil Capacity: 13 oz

Click Here For AR252 Parts Manual

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