Boominator® Boomless Nozzle - 2650-FM


Boominator® boomless spray nozzles are made in the U.SA. and carry a 3-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. All nozzles feature a multi-patented round covered orifice which improves spray pattern while reducing drift. Boominator® nozzles are commonly used for ATV sprayers, de-icing systems, dust control, roadside spraying, aquatic pest/ weed control and much more.

The 2650FM nozzle provides a full pattern of coverage up to 23 feet and has a 1/2” MPT inlet connection.

All full pattern spray nozzles are tested at a height of 36 inches. Recommended operating height is between 18 and 48 inches. These nozzles are designed to provide a full left to right spray pattern from a single centrally mounted location.

Boominator® Features:

  • Large droplet pattern for minimal drift
  • Eliminate the cost of spray booms and boom maintenance
  • Superior wear and chemical resistance
  • Easily spray around obstacles and uneven terrain
  • Wide range of applications

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