Eco-505C 5-Gallon Injection System

SKU Eco-505C

The Gregson-Clark Eco-505C Spray Injection System allows the lawn care operator to selectively apply a herbicide or pesticide on demand while making a blanket application of fertilizer. By pulling the second trigger on the injection gun, the pesticide solution is injected instantaneously into the flow of fertilizer at the gun. For those with limited space the 5-gallon compact system is a preferred choice.

Shipping and delivery:
All Gregson-Clark sprayers are crated and shipped by common carrier, typically to a commercial address as a forklift is required to unload. Liftgate delivery to a residential address is possible in most areas for an additional charge. We can also arrange for you to pick up your sprayer and the freight terminal. For a shipping quote and to discuss the best option for your delivery call our shipping department at 800-706-9530.

System Benefits

Pesticide Savings - How often do you blanket apply a pesticide to control a problem that only exists in a portion of the lawn? Using the Eco-505 can result in pesticide savings up to 50% or more.

Reduced Callbacks - When the only effort required to treat a problem area of a lawn is to pull a second trigger it gets done. No more going back to the truck for a hand or backpack sprayer.

Easy To Install - The Eco-505 includes everything you need to convert your existing sprayer to a dual line, injection unit.

Gregson-Clark Eco-505c Owners Manual

Included with the system:

  • 5 Gallon pumping unit featuring Shurflo 1.8 GPM pump
  • Coax line injection gun
  • 300" Coax hose (400' of Coax or dual line hose available)
  • Hannay 2000 Series dual line reel
  • Wiring assembly


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