Hypro D1304B/1504B Diaphragm Kit

SKU 9910-Kit1734

Hypro part # 9910-Kit1734 is the replacement diaphragm kit for the Hypro D1504 and D1304 diaphragm pumps.

Kit1734 has been superseded by AR1734. 

A visual indication that a diaphragm rebuild is needed is the pump oil will turn a milky color. Prolonged operation with bad diaphragms can cause inter pump problems. We recommend using Hypro pump oil (2160-0038) when rebuilding the D1504 and D1304 pumps.

9910-Kit1734 Includes:

Qty     Part #                 Description

8        9910-850030      O-ring
4        9910-850085      Diaphragm

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