Kappa-120/150 Complete Repair Kit - 8700.22CK

SKU 8700.22CK

Udor part 8700.22CK is a complete rebuild kit for the Kappa-120 and Kappa-150 diaphragm pumps. Udor recommends replacing the pump diaphragms after 500 hours of use. When diaphragms rupture the pump oil will turn a milky color for oil and spraying solution mixing.

This kit includes four replacement Greentech diaphragms , one accumulator diaphragm and eight replacement valves with O-rings, four diaphragm bolts, and four diaphragm washers. 

When replacing the pump diaphragms be sure to follow all factory torque specifications. The accumulator diaphragm should be set to 20% of the pump operating pressure. Replacing pump diaphragms will require the oil to be replaced with 30 weight non-detergent. Udor lube is available using part number 15.5823. The Kappa-120/150 require 84oz of oil.

Below are downloadable technical specifications to help when rebuilding your pump.

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