Kappa-55 Diaphragm Kit - 8700.26

SKU 8700.26

Part # 8700.26 is the replacement diaphragm kit for the Udor Kappa-55 diaphragm pump. Udor recommends replacing the pump diaphragms after 500 hours of use or at season's end, whichever comes first. When diaphragms rupture the oil in the reservoir will turn a milky color.

This kit includes three replacement Desmopan diaphragms (0903.50), six replacement valve o-rings (1101.27) and one accumulator diaphragm (0903.08).

When replacing the diaphragms follow all factory torque specifications. The accumulator diaphragm should be set to 20% of the operating pressure. Replacing pump diaphragms will require the oil to be drained and replaced with 30-weight non-detergent. Udor lube is available with part number 15.5823.

Below are downloadable technical specifications to help when rebuilding your pump.

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