Micro-Trak FlowMate Monitor

SKU MT-01739

The FlowMate is a simple to operate, highly accurate, liquid flow monitor. The monitor is perfect for in-cab operation. You can monitor application rates per property or per day. The FlowMate can be used with any Micro-Trak flowmeter, choosing the specific flowmeter will depend on your application rates (GPM) along with max PSI.

To build a complete system. Pair the Flowmate controller to the Micro-Trak flowmeter that is best for your application rate and pressure. The console is connected to the vehicle battery and includes all connection cables for the flowmeter.


  • Simple setup and calibration
  • Monitors flow information in English or metric units
  • Easy to integrate into your system

FlowMate Manual:

FlowMate™ Console Operation and Calibration Manual (247 KB)

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