PumpTex X4 Plunger Pump

SKU 81519

The Pumptec X-series high flow pump features solid ceramic 4 plunger design, you can count on having the pressure and high flow you need regardless of your application. Like all Pumptec pumps, you can look forward to a long and problem-free life. The X-series features an aircraft-grade hardcoat aluminum pump that offers compatibility with a wide variety of chemicals and is perfect for Area Sprays, Pest Control, Portable Sanitation, Fire Protection, Turf, Lawn & Agricultural applications.

This is pump and motor only. The unit does not come with a regulator.  PumpTec regulator can be ordered separately using part # 80879. 

Max Pressure: 300 PSI

Open Flow: 5 GPM

Inlet/Outlet port: 1/2" NPT

Voltage: 12V

Amps: 30 AMPS @ 100 PSI

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