TeeJet CP114440 XR Series QT Caps

SKU CP114440-1-CE

The CP114440 caps are used with a variety of TeeJet tips and nozzle bodies. The Quick TeeJet caps are made from nylon and feature a quarter turn locking system. All nylon caps are rated for a maximum working pressure of 300 PSI. CP25611 cap are available in 10 different color options. TeeJet cap use seat gasket which can be ordered under part # CP19438-ERP.

*The grey # 9 caps are only available in polypropylene and are rated to 150 PSI.

The CP25611 caps work with the following TeeJet nozzles:

  • TP standard tips, 0067 08
  • XR tips, 01 08
  • DG Tips
  • TT tips
  • TTJ60 Turbo Twinjet tips
  • AIXR tips
  • OC TeeJet tips

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