Udor Beta-150 Diaphragm Kit – 8700.07

SKU 8700.07

Part # 8700.07 is the replacement diaphragm kit for the Udor Beta-150 and Omega-170 diaphragm pumps. Udor recommends diaphragm replacement after 500 hours of use or at the seasons end, whichever comes first.

This kit includes four replacement Desmopan diaphragms (0903.33), eight replacement valve o-rings (1101.11) and one replacement accumulator diaphragm (0903.16).

When replacing diaphragms follow all factory torque specifications. The accumulator diaphragm should be set to 20% of operating pressure. A pump rebuild will also require the oil to be drained and replaced with 30-weight non-detergent. Udor lube can be purchased along with the diaphragm kit using part # 15.5823. The Beta-150 and Omega-170 require 87oz of oil.

Below are downloadable technical specifications to help when rebuilding your pump.

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