Udor Delta 170 Diaphragm Kit 6062.H7 GreenTech

SKU 6062.H7

Part # 6062.H7 is the replacement diaphragm kit for the Udor Delta 170 diaphragm pumps. Udor recommends replacing the pump diaphragms after 500 hours of use or at season's end, whichever comes first. When diaphragms rupture the oil in the reservoir will turn a milky color.

The kit includes four replacement GreenTech diaphragms (0903.61), one Accumulator Diaphragm (0903.16) and eight replacement head O-rings (1101.J7).

When replacing the pump diaphragms be sure to follow all factory torque specifications. A pump rebuild will also require the oil to be drained and replaced with 30-weight non-detergent oil. Udor lube can be purchased along with the pump diaphragm kit using part # 15.5823. 

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