Udor Kappa 55 WOC Diaphragm Pump


The Udor Kappa 55 WOC is the kappa 55 diaphragm pump with no gear reduction or control unit. This pump is commonly purchased to replace a broken pump where the gear reduction and regulator are still in working order. The 55 comes with a universal drive face. If you are replacing a Kappa 55 and using your existing gear box you will need two replacement gaskets. On the GR5 models which attached to 5-6 HP engines you will need part # 0602.05 and # 0602.27. On the GR8 models where the pump attaches to 8-11 HP engine you will need part # 0602.05 and 0602.36

The Udor Kappa 55 replacement diaphragm kit is part # 8700.26

Udor Kappa 55 Overview:

Max GPM:  12.5

Max PSI:  560

Inlet:  1 1/4"

Outlet:  1/2"

Bypass:  3/4"

Weight:  29


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