Selecting A Roller Guide For Hannay Reels

Selecting A Roller Guide For Hannay Reels

Hose roller guides are added to sprayers to assist in pay-out and rewinding of the hose. Hose roller guides help keep the hose off the side of the vehicle when pulling the hose off at sharp angles. Selecting the correct guide is determined by the hose reel manufacture and the position in which the hose reel is mounted. For this article we will be focusing on roller guides for Hannay hose reels

Before ordering a roller guide you must know what model hose reel is on the sprayer. To find this information look on the cross member of the reel frame, you should find a plate that will have the serial number and model of the hose reel. Roller guides are specific to the reel in terms of width. Common Hannay reels found on sprayers such as the 1500,1800 and 2000 series will use the same roller guides with exception of the width.

Hannay Hose Reel Plate

To determine the reel model, find the plate described above. There should be a number similar to 1520-17-18 LT. In this example the 15 refers to the reel being a 1500 series and the 20 tells us the width of the reel. A 1520 hose reel would not take the same roller guide as a 1530 reel because the 1520 is narrower than the 1530. 


Two Roller Guide options: FH3 or C2


FH3 Roller guides:

Roller Guide on Space Saver Sprayer

FH3 roller guides utilize a large bottom roller and two hour-glass rollers on the left and right side. The FH3 must be used on hose reels that are mounted horizontally on a flat surface. If the reel is mounted vertically the FH3 guide will not work. FH3 roller guides will require mounting hardware that is not sold with the guide (9941.0023). 

Assembly C2 Roller Guides:

Hannay C2 Roller guide

C2 roller guides are another style available for Hannay reels. The C2 assembly features rollers on all four sides. This style is our most popular as it keeps the hose contained. The C2 can be used on reels mounted horizontally and vertically with the correct mounting brackets. 

In the image above the hose reel is mounted horizontally on a truck bed. When a hose reel is mounted this way the standard Hannay mounting brackets (9941.0035) will work. 

If your hose reel is mounted vertically like on V-Series and Modular Sprayers you will need the Gregson-Clark roller guide brackets. The entire roller assembly for vertical mounted hose reels is available using part # V-RGA

Hannay C2 Roller Guide

Quick Recap:

  •  Roller guides are specific to the hose reel model and width.
  • When ordering you will need to know the model of the hose reel. 
  • Reel mounting orientation will determine which mounting brackets are needed. 


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