Sprayer Pump Oil Capacity

Sprayer Pump Oil Capacity

Sprayer Pump Oil

One of the most frequent questions we answer is related to pump and engine oil capacity and type. On a Gregson-Clark skid sprayer and spraying equipment, there are typically three components that require oil.

The first component is the engine. Gregson-Clark Sprayers use Honda engines with 10W-30 motor oil. The engine model will determine the capacity required. Refer to your owners manual for the proper amount. The GX160, which is most common engine on our sprayers, takes .63 US quarts of oil. 

The second component is the gear box. Gregson-Clark Sprayers feature Udor pumps which use Udor gear boxes. Udor recommends 90W gear lube be used in the gear box. Most gear boxes have a sight plug on the side to show the oil level. The oil level should be to the center of the plug. For exact oil volume refer to your owners manual or the quick reference chart below. 

Last is the pump. Like the components mentioned above each pump will have a specific amount of oil needed. Refer to your owner's manual or the quick reference sheet below. For Udor pumps, Udor recommends Udor Lube 40W premium pump oil. If that is unavailable, use a 30W non-detergent or 15W-40 non-detergent  oil. 

Below is a quick reference sheet to help determine oil capacity for each udor pump and gear box. The quick reference sheet also contains diaphragm replacement kits and replacement valves. 



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