AR20LFP & AR25LFP Diaphragm Kit - AR46561 BlueFlex

SKU AR46561

Part # AR46561 is the BlueFlex diaphragm kit for the AR20LFP and AR25LFP diaphragm pumps. When diaphragms rupture the oil in the reservoir will turn a milky color.

BlueFlex diaphragms special shape and the thickness of the diaphragms has been carefully optimized to reduce mechanical stresses during the working cycle of the pump, also under the most difficult working conditions. The BlueFlex Material has been tested and shown to outlast standard Desmopan diaphragms. 

The kit includes 3 replacement Blueflex diaphragms. 

When replacing the pump diaphragms be sure to follow all factory torque specifications. A pump rebuild will also require the oil to be drained and replaced with 30-weight non-detergent oil.

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