V-200 TS-55, 200-Gallon Tree Sprayer

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The V-200 TS-55 tree sprayer uses the tank/frame from the V-200 to provide a unit that fits well in full sized pickup trucks while leaving plenty of room for other materials.  The pump and engine has been upgraded to provide spray heights up to 50 feet.

Gregson-Clark sprayers feature top mounted tank fittings to reduce leak potential along with dual position reel mounting. This allows the same sprayer to be used in enclosed body vehicles and pickup trucks.

Standard configuration includes the 200-gallon tank/frame assembly, oversized suction strainer with quick flush feature, Honda GX270 electric start engine, Kappa-55 diaphragm pump, Hannay E1530 electric hose reel with truck wiring harness, 300 feet of ½" 600 PSI spray hose and Udor Long Range spray gun. 

The V-200 TS-55 can be customized to best fit your business needs. Upgrade options for all components are available.

Shipping and Delivery

All Gregson-Clark sprayers are crated and shipped by common carrier, typically to a commercial address as a forklift is required to unload. Liftgate delivery to a residential address is possible in most areas for an additional charge. We can also arrange for you to pick up your sprayer at the freight terminal. For a shipping quote and to discuss the best option for your delivery call our shipping department at 800-706-9530.


Weight: Empty – 398 lbs; Full – 2,064 lbs

Overall Dimensions: (W x D x H) Pickup Style—85.5" x 43" x 41"; Van Style—68" x 54.75" x 41"

Frame: Welded steel, powdercoat finish, gloss black

Tank: 200-Gallon medium-density polyethylene with UV stabilizers, 16" lid (units prior to 7/19 have a 12" lid)

Strainer: Arag 1-½" suction strainer with built-in shut off valve, 16 mesh screen

Engine: Honda GX270 electric start with oil alert. Air-cooled 4 stroke OHV

Pump: Udor Kappa-55/GR. Three diaphragm pump with control unit with adjustable pressure regulator, Manual dump lever, dual ball valve outlets and pressure gauge. (15 GPM 560 PSI)

Hose Reel: Hannay electric E1530-17-18. Max capacity of 400' of ½" hose. A 6-gauge truck wiring assembly with circuit breaker and quick disconnect is also included

Hose: 300 feet of ½" ID yellow PVC/polyurethane blended 600 PSI, yellow w/black stripe 

Gun: Udor Long Range Gun 

Recommended Vehicle: 3/4 Ton truck or van with a payload of at least 2,064 lbs


Gregson-Clark Sprayers are warranted by the manufacturer to the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years. The pump elastomers and hoses are considered normal wear items and carry a 90-day warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Additional Accessories

High Pressure Strainer 
The high pressure strainer is mounted between the pump and the reel. It is easily cleaned by means of a flush valve mounted on the bottom of the strainer body. The strainer eliminates the need for repeated cleaning of your gun nozzle by removing contaminants before they reach the spray gun.

Strainer Bags/Baskets
Strainer Bags are ideal for mixing dry fertilizers and chemicals in jet agitation sprayers. The strainer bag can hold a full bag of urea, saving mixing time and preventing potential plugging of the system strainer or pump. The lid may be closed while the bag is in place. The size of the bag corresponds to the diameter of the fill well. (8”, 10”, 12”, and 16” available).

Hose Roller Guides
Roller guides can be easily added to the sprayer to assist in pay-out and rewinding of hose. Hose roller guides help keep the hose off the side of the vehicle.

Air Gap Fill Systems
Required in many states, the air gap fill line prevents accidental back-flow contamination when filling your tank. Air gaps are available from ¾" garden hose to 2".

Modular Tanks
An inexpensive way to increase capacity and/or provide for a second spray solution. Available in 35-, 50-, 100-, 150-, 200-, and 300-gallon capacities. The modular tanks come complete with suction and agitation lines, 3-way ball valves, hose and clamps.

Recommended Stocking Items

Diaphragm Kit - 8700.45

Strainer O-Ring - 314000.050

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