Modular Liquid De-Icing Pumping Unit


The modular liquid de-icing pumping unit is a self contained pumping unit that can be connected to any existing tank to build a fully functioning sprayer. The system includes the pump and engine, suction strainer and boom valves all mounted to a stainless steel  frame. The unit measures 24"D x 52"W x 27"H and will fit into pickup trucks or flat beds. A stainless steel fork-pocket frame assembly allows for easy loading and superior durability. 

The pumping unit features a Honda GX160 5.5 HP engine with an Pacer 2" centrifugal pump. (195 GPM max, 45 PSI max). The pump is plumbed with a high flow filter assembly and stainless steel, liquid filled pressure gauge. 

This unit can be pair with any of our de-icing spray booms and can be customized to control up to 3 lane sections. Each boom section in controlled by 1" full port Banjo valves. The switch console is ran to the cab and provides the operator with on/off switches for each section of the boom.  

* Pricing on this model includes a 3 valve section. Call for pricing on single or double valve section pricing. 

A hose reel can be easily added to accommodated side walks and walkways.  

For more de-icing sprayer options or to customize this de-icing sprayer please call us at 1-800-706-9530.



Overall Dimensions: (W x D x H) 52" x 24" x 27"

Frame: Stainless steel

Tank: None, can be added to any existing tank. Requires 2" suction and 3/4" return

Strainer: Banjo 2" manifold Y strainer, 20 mesh screen

Engine: Honda GX160 with oil alert. Air-cooled 4 stroke OHV

Pump: Pacer SE2UL poly centrifugal pump, Max 195 GPM, Max 45 PSI. 

Hose Reel: None, can be added




Gregson-Clark Sprayers are warranted by the manufacturer to the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years. The pump elastomers and hoses are considered normal wear items and carry a 90-day warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


Additional Accessories

RoadMaster De-icing Rate Controller

Rate Control 
Rate control provides precise application rates that will adjust as the operator increases or decreases speed. We use the Micro-Trak RoadMaster controller which allows for up to 3 boom sections. The monitor also keeps track of overall product usage .

Stainless Steel Flow Meter

Flow Meter
Flow meters can be added to any system to monitor overall application rates. We use the Micro-Trak FlowMate system which consist of the turbine and the control box. The box is kept in the cab of the vehicle out of the elements. The control box can be used to record a running total or can be cleared by job for accurate measurements. 


Deep Cell Battery
Deep Cell Battery
A dedicated deep cell battery can be added to the unit to allow the de-icer to be a self contained unit. Standard configuration use the trucks battery to power the boom valves. A deep cell battery allows the unit to be easily moved to a new truck in the event of a truck malfunction. 

Honda GX160 Electric Start
Electric Start Engine
Electric start VS pull start is based on personal preference. All Gregson-Clark De-Icing sprayers can be upgraded to electric start engines. 



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